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Open Letter to PA Insurance Commissioner Michael F Consedine

Michael F Consedine
Pennsylvania Insurance Dept

In an October 31 article I questioned whether states could cross the line and offer non qualified health insurance policies along side those conforming to the Affordable Care Act.  I argued a prohibition of this amounts to an assault on freedom to enter into contracts, protected by Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution, and Americans should not be strictly bound to accept only contract terms dictated by a strong central authority in Washington DC.  I noted a long-standing tradition of state regulation of insurance under McCarran-Ferguson 1945.

Only rarely prior to Obamacare had the federal government stuck its nose into insurance regulation, and as far as I know, that only involved health insurance, never any other form.  Insurance regulation was something understood to be handled by the states.

Then Obamacare stood everything on its head.  The federal government would now decide what proper health insurance must look like, that is until this past week when they realized they were in over their heads with an avalanche of policy cancellations and a failed exchange website, upon which they said, in effect, the states are once again good enough to take the reins, if only to bail us out for a while, attempting to shift the focus of public frustration somewhere else.  We broke it.  Now you can fix it.

Prior to realizing the magnitude of the crisis they created, the feds assured us their new policies were somehow better than those “inferior” policies being cancelled, providing more “coverage” that would cost less (after applying money taken from others).  In my mind this is just more lies on top of the big “you can keep your coverage and your doctor” lie.  Yet the biggest insurance lie may be the one we tell ourselves.

As Commissioner of a state insurance department, Mr. Consedine, you should understand the commonly held public misconceptions surrounding the purpose and use of insurance, the notion that somehow low or no deductible, low or no copay, cover everything policies are, in reality,  anything more than costly third party prepayment schemes that benefit no one more than the company that sold it.  Yes, I do mean those dressed up Yugos we call Cadillac plans, as the most extreme example.

You should know that the purpose of insurance is not “coverage” but limitation of risk, to protect assets and provide protection beyond the ability to afford otherwise, and that any attempt to “insure” the ordinary, everyday, or expected is a fool’s game that only insures the incentivized overuse of others will be in your premium.  Yet the warm and fuzzy feeling provided by the illusion of free or almost free when one gets theirs, blinds many people to the fact they are paying for everyone else’s overuse when not getting theirs. It truly is a costly false comfort based in feelings rather than facts.

Indeed, if there is blame for the insurance companies, it is their failure to disclose that what most people say they want is not in the best interest of the vast majority of those saying they want it.  This is the price of a nation poorly educated in personal finance and basic economics.  It is also the challenge of ever hoping to attain real reform.  Insurance companies will continue to maintain their silence as the low end false insurance part of their business is to them as slot machines are to casinos, providing a license to predictably print money thanks to huge numbers narrowing the range of possible outcomes.  Is not insurance, after all, a business based in statistics and probabilities?

Crazy talk?  Then check out Paul Hsieh’s op-ed, “The Only Obamacare Fix Is For Obama To Legalize Real Health Insurance”, published by Forbes this past Sunday.  It is essentially everything I’ve been trying to tell you.  Obamacare thus, rather than fixing anything, only takes a problem and makes it worse!  You should realize these facts, because, after all, you are a Commissioner of insurance.

What you may not realize is the developing movement by physicians to direct pay cash only practice models, such as AtlasMD, a pioneer three physician concierge practice in Wichita, Kansas that offers a family of four unlimited primary care for $120 per month, plus access to wholesale prices on medications and laboratory services.  With the overhead and hassle of third party payers removed, they limit their patient load and offer same or next day appointments that average half an hour and even provide home visits!  This can likely be the future, especially with the availability of low cost catastrophic “real” insurance to compliment it, so long as it can be found.

That’s where you come in, Mr. Consedine.  I know you’ve been complicit with Obamacare from the start, even favoring Pennsylvania’s setting up its own exchange.  Your attitude has been that it’s now the law and we must follow it.  I don’t agree because of the magnitude of the intrusion of Obamacare on our freedom, but respect your view.

Under that same law, though, it is perfectly legal to pay a tax and do absolutely nothing in protecting others from ourselves.  Can it make any sense then, that those same people willing to pay the tax and even forgo the subsidy, should not be able to do something significantly more than nothing in protecting their neighbors from having to pick up for them?  How can anyone argue against that?

As Insurance Commissioner along with our legislators, Pennsylvania should make a stand and tell the federal government that in our state, we will offer qualified policies as required, but also non qualified policies for those who prefer them.  How can doing nothing to protect others be legal but doing something more be illegal?  That makes no sense whatsoever.

Finally, if you don’t think you can make a stand for choice, freedom, truth, limited central government, and local control, then please resign so we can find someone who will.

Thank You

Todd Keefer

Note: This post shared to WatchdogWire-Pennsylvania

I Want to be Thankful for My Governor – An Open Letter to Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania

Honorable Tom Corbett, PA Governor

Governor Corbett, this holiday season I want to be especially thankful for my governor.  Governors are uniquely positioned to defend and protect a prime reason why America has thrived as it has.  The concept that in the United States a predominance of power would remain with the States and the People was central to our founding.  Violations of this concept are yours to resist and defend your state’s citizens against.  The notion of state and individual sovereignty in America must be fought for under any circumstances forever.

We currently stand at a point of decision.  Obamacare is upon us.  When I called your office and raised these Constitutional and Founding issues your staff agreed in theory, but then went straight to a strange position of passivity, an acceptance that Obamacare is inevitable.  I was even told that “come 2014 Pennsylvania will have an exchange”.  Governor Corbett this is not the kind of leadership I am looking for.  Yes, how setting up Obamacare exchanges will affect the finances of the state is an important consideration, but overriding that is Obamacare’s assault on freedom.  As Attorney General you brought PA into suits against this Federal power grab.  Where will you be now with things you still can do to protect us?

In the last few days two highly instructive articles have appeared on why states should refuse to set up exchanges.  One comes from Michael Cannon at the Cato Institute.  Another, written by James Capretta and Yuval Levin appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  Both suggest that the 30 Republican governors can gum up the works of Obamacare by simple legal acts of non-complicity.  Neither suggests any advantage for states or their citizens by setting up exchanges even if they ultimately become a reality.  Questions remain if the law itself provides the framework to be implemented without the cooperation of the states.  Almost 35 lawsuits remain to be decided.

Governor Corbett, the Federal Government has extended the deadline for states to make their decisions on exchanges and Medicaid expansion to December 14.  Twenty-one other states, so far,  have said they will not be setting up exchanges.  A majority of states standing in opposition is very possible.  According to the two articles I cited sufficient disruption may ensue to at least delay Obamacare if not cripple it.  Development of and having at hand alternative market based reforms, such as those suggested in other posts on this blog, may then find an opportunity to at least be demonstrated.

Governor Corbett, this is a time that requires exceptional courage.  By taking the side of freedom and liberty, on December 15 I will be able to say that I am especially thankful that you are my Governor.  Say NO to Obamacare Exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid also.  Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving Sir

Todd Keefer

PA citizen and writer of