There is More Than One Place We Can Petition Our Government

PoliceCarOn Covid-19 business closures this may be the agency to direct our appeal


America has a problem. More particularly, Pennsylvania has a problem far beyond Covid-19 itself. This is a problem it created. This is a problem it will not confront or assume responsibility for causing.

A dictatorial governor along with an unqualified Secretary of Health, have, in monkey see-monkey do fashion, followed the fear driven overreactions of other mostly blue states. As evidence mounts that the virus is not nearly as lethal as some initial projections suggested and concerns over hospital capacity have evaporated, they remain locked in and Pennsylvanians remain locked down.

This has caused and is continuing to cause a cascade of collateral damage that itself is harming health and sometimes ending with its own deadly outcomes.

A solidly Republican legislature has produced bills to lessen the top down oppression, but a governor-king, who has avoided consultation with the people’s representatives, has thrown up his veto wall. The legislature lacks the numbers to override.

So where are citizens to turn? The first amendment guarantees the right of the people “to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. We can contact our legislators, as we should, but it’s apparent that an intransigent governor will blunt their efforts.

Then it dawned on me that there is more than one place we can petition our government, and local police departments are most acutely seeing the very dark and disturbing side of state policy. They, more than any other, know the reality of the collateral damage that only can and will be alleviated when businesses reopen and workers return to work. They have discretion in enforcement. If only they could be persuaded to commit to discretionary nonenforcement against businesses that reopen in defiance of state orders, this could be a way around the destruction our governor refuses to face.

This prompted the following appeal to my local police department. It hit their email inbox yesterday. I also posted to the Facebook accounts of the York County District Attorney and the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. On Saturday afternoon, I called in to attorney Marc Scaringi’s radio show and made my appeal. I’ve yet to hear a response from anyone, but if these agencies start hearing similar appeals in sufficient quantity, it may be our best chance to obtain relief. I understand state police may have their hands tied, but local police should have more freedom. Then if we can unleash a response from our local police, even state police may be emboldened.

Here is the letter I sent. Feel free to copy, or better write your own, but please consider doing it! Thank you!

Steven Lutz, Chief of Police
Newberry Township Police Department
York County, Pennsylvania
Dear Chief Lutz,
I urgently implore you to take a very bold and very unusual position for any police department at any time. I’m requesting that you immediately and publicly commit to discretionary nonenforcement of Governor Tom Wolf’s shutdown order against any business that chooses to reopen its operations as they see fit, within the area of your jurisdiction.
The reason for this is consideration of overall public health and safety. People need to work. People need to be secure in their property. Some are doing ok, while others are losing everything they’ve worked for. Levels of stress are rising, with some individuals reaching their breaking point. We must balance combatting what we are learning is a much overrated virus against the very real and dangerous collateral damage state policy is causing.
I’m sure you are all too aware of spiking suicide, drug/alcohol abuse/relapse including overdoses, anxiety and depression, as well as domestic violence that can involve spousal or child abuse, the effects of which can last a lifetime. Divorce is rising, also imposing damage that will linger. Mental health is rapidly deteriorating. If this goes on much longer, I fear citizens will start turning on each other. Where is the state’s concern in this very dark side of our current situation? We’re facing a self created crisis far beyond just a virus.
I’m of the opinion that our state has greatly overreacted in its response. Fears of exceeding hospital capacity have long passed to the point where empty hospitals and delayed medical procedures has become its own problem that will sometimes contribute to death. We’re learning that other than very old people or those with well known underlying conditions, most people can handle exposure with very little problem, and benefit everyone by building herd immunity that can most benefit the vulnerable as they hunker out of the way. The media hyped fear does not fade easily as we learn things are not as bad as some initial projections.
I understand defiance of authority is not to be taken lightly, but we look to our police to simultaneously protect our safety and defend our liberty. Americans are uniquely used to trusting each other to govern themselves. It is imperative we do not create problems greater than the ones we are trying to solve. It’s time for the irrational response to end. It’s time to get back to normal and end the madness. I request again you stand down in support of the freedom and sanity of the citizens you serve.
Thank you



One response to “There is More Than One Place We Can Petition Our Government

  1. PA is dangling from a cliff waiting to be rescued but people are head scratching in wonder!! The Constitution is clear…we are being violated!! So…. Who are the enforcers of the Constitution?? They certainly didn’t have a problem enforcing and implementing a Police State!!!

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