The FreeMktMonkey Blog will be what it becomes.  I will attempt

to share what I know, what I’ve learned, and my opinions on it all

in a way that entertains and informs.  Those who appreciate

out of the box original thought may find some here.

ME (The Man Behind the Monkey)

I’m a 60+ year old retired guy who likes to think and

write.  Second career? Who knows.  I continue my substantial

self education in personal finance and free market economics then

apply it where I can, especially healthcare/insurance solutions.


The monkey at Monkey Jungle in Florida

My arms are long for my height to the extent that to grip a standard golf club properly my right hand is below the grip area and on the metal shaft.  Hence, “monkey arms” and the identification with others in the order primate.  We are in many ways very smart apes whose intelligence has carried us to almost unimaginable discoveries and inventions while at times working decidedly against us.

The Blog’s monkey mascot was a gift from my wife at a time when her work was keeping her away from home about 60% of the time.  It sat around the house for some time and then was thrown into the car while packing for a trip to Florida.  It now travels with us often and has been pictured in places all across America.