I Want to be Thankful for My Governor – An Open Letter to Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania

Honorable Tom Corbett, PA Governor

Governor Corbett, this holiday season I want to be especially thankful for my governor.  Governors are uniquely positioned to defend and protect a prime reason why America has thrived as it has.  The concept that in the United States a predominance of power would remain with the States and the People was central to our founding.  Violations of this concept are yours to resist and defend your state’s citizens against.  The notion of state and individual sovereignty in America must be fought for under any circumstances forever.

We currently stand at a point of decision.  Obamacare is upon us.  When I called your office and raised these Constitutional and Founding issues your staff agreed in theory, but then went straight to a strange position of passivity, an acceptance that Obamacare is inevitable.  I was even told that “come 2014 Pennsylvania will have an exchange”.  Governor Corbett this is not the kind of leadership I am looking for.  Yes, how setting up Obamacare exchanges will affect the finances of the state is an important consideration, but overriding that is Obamacare’s assault on freedom.  As Attorney General you brought PA into suits against this Federal power grab.  Where will you be now with things you still can do to protect us?

In the last few days two highly instructive articles have appeared on why states should refuse to set up exchanges.  One comes from Michael Cannon at the Cato Institute.  Another, written by James Capretta and Yuval Levin appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  Both suggest that the 30 Republican governors can gum up the works of Obamacare by simple legal acts of non-complicity.  Neither suggests any advantage for states or their citizens by setting up exchanges even if they ultimately become a reality.  Questions remain if the law itself provides the framework to be implemented without the cooperation of the states.  Almost 35 lawsuits remain to be decided.

Governor Corbett, the Federal Government has extended the deadline for states to make their decisions on exchanges and Medicaid expansion to December 14.  Twenty-one other states, so far,  have said they will not be setting up exchanges.  A majority of states standing in opposition is very possible.  According to the two articles I cited sufficient disruption may ensue to at least delay Obamacare if not cripple it.  Development of and having at hand alternative market based reforms, such as those suggested in other posts on this blog, may then find an opportunity to at least be demonstrated.

Governor Corbett, this is a time that requires exceptional courage.  By taking the side of freedom and liberty, on December 15 I will be able to say that I am especially thankful that you are my Governor.  Say NO to Obamacare Exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid also.  Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving Sir

Todd Keefer

PA citizen and writer of FreeMktMonkey.com

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