Mount Vernon Assembly December 7, 2013–A Confluence of Forces for Freedom

It was the weekend of November 9-10, just two weeks ago, when I finished reading Mark R Levin’s newest book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, in which he argues for a first ever Article V amendments convention initiated by the states as the only means to bring America back to its intended path of limited central government that respects the sovereignty of the states and the people.  With this book, true scholar Levin reveals the depth of his connection to the essence of America’s founding principles, how they have been gradually eroded over time, and the urgency to restore them in order that our great nation remains the beacon of liberty and freedom for the world.  I was moved.  I thought of how the teaparty/912 movement should consider dropping everything to focus on making a first ever Article V convention a reality.

Then, on November 10, a brief twitter interaction, led to a two week journey of amazing discovery of information that leaves us today two weeks away from what may be one of the most significant gatherings in America since the days of our nation’s founding.  It started like this:


That link to a story at The Times of Northwest Indiana, “Indiana Senate leader working toward U.S. constitutional convention”, suggested Levin’s book was having an immediate impact.  It told of a planned gathering at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, on December 7, with representatives from various states considering an Article V convention.  I made the assumption that it was Levin’s book that initiated this action, but also found it curious that Mark Levin or The Liberty Amendments was never mentioned in the article.

Monday morning, November 11, I called the author of the article, Dan Carden.  He explained that Indiana has a history of Article V attempts and that President of the Indiana Senate, David Long, started this process well before the August 13 release of Levin’s book.  I noted that Levin was talking about his new book well in advance of its release and still thought there may be some connection.  Carden said he didn’t know.

I then called the office of Senator David Long.  They confirmed that his efforts and Levin’s book coming together at the same time was a coincidence, but certainly not insignificant.  They said they have read The Liberty Amendments, which by the way never mentions Senator Long’s efforts, and are excited about the boost it may bring.

Curiously, Long’s office told me the main source of opposition they have encountered is coming from the very teaparty/912 groups I thought should be its most ardent supporters.  Their fear is of a runaway convention that would completely rewrite our constitution.  Senator Long, however, also recognized this threat and introduced defining and limiting bills as model legislation that has passed the Indiana legislature and been signed into law by Governor Mike Pence.  They are serious and ready to go.

Senator Long’s office also informed me that Senator Long would be on Mark Levin’s radio show Wednesday evening, November 13, in the final hour to discuss the December 7 gathering they are calling The Mount Vernon Assembly.  Of course, I listened to that show, and thanks to Levin’s making available podcasts without subscription, anyone else can too.  Here is the link to this must listen interview.  The Senator Long portion runs from 84:40 to 106:20 and is a very thorough discussion of what is taking place.  Long indicated 26 states, at that point, intend to send delegates to the meeting.

This past Tuesday, November 19, I visited the Pennsylvania state capitol to encourage our legislature, so far absent, to send a delegation to Mount Vernon. While there I discovered that, without knowledge of the December 7 gathering, our liberty loving states rights senator, Mike Folmer, has introduced a co-sponsorship memorandum declaring Pennsylvania’s support of the Liberty Amendments as outlined in Levin’s book.

Finally, I called Senator Long’s office again yesterday, November 22, for any updates.  They told me the state count is now about 30 and that I could check with Wisconsin Rep Chris Kapenga, who is handling RSVPs and keeping tabs on that.  I called Kapenga’s office and they confirmed the count is about 30 states, but they are hoping for a few more, and a room has been reserved in the library.

That room, by the way, is in the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon, Washington’s estate.  As if this unlikely confluence of events is not enough to ponder, Washington wrote over 200 years ago of a need for a library to house his works.  This wish was only concluded September 27, 2013 with the library’s dedication.  How’s that for a tingle up the spine?

Would it not be almost incomprehensibly ironic then, if the renewed progressive push and centralization of power by the current administration, with its disregard for our constitution as an outdated, out of touch document of yesteryear, turns out to be a fatal overreach that contributes to a constitutionally provided Article V convention of the states that effects its restoration and solidification for generations yet to come?  Thanks to Mark R Levin, Senator David Long, and every patriot taking this effort seriously!

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51 responses to “Mount Vernon Assembly December 7, 2013–A Confluence of Forces for Freedom

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    Mount Vernon Assembly on December 7: A Constitutional type convention of states?

  2. So glad to find your blog and this post! I heard Sen.Long on the Levin show and nearly fell over I was so excited! I have not listened to it again, but I thought he said they had actually been working on this for a year or two, well before Levin even started talking about his book. I know my state of Oklahoma will be represented, but do not know by whom. I intend to write Speaker TW Shannon to ask if he will tell me. Are you aware of a list of attendees? Doing a google search on this subject has yielded very little information. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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  4. It seems like we are spread all over the board. I heard about your site on Mark Levin’s show. I kind of had to hunt through the internet to find you as I’m not sure I heard your actual site named…I’m listing a site very similar to yours I’ve been following and hope you guys can meet up. A lot of thin threads floating around isn’t real constructive; a lot of thin threads combined can make sturdy fabric.

  5. Very good info…thank you! Do you remember which day it was mentioned? Article only posted last Saturday. Confess I don’t listen to entire show every day. (So I don’t have to listen through all podcasts since)

  6. I was invited to speak on Article V at TN State Senator Mae Beavers’ monthly townhall. I’m very proud to announce that today after the speech, I was notified that I’m being considered as a delegate to represent TN in Mt. Vernon.

    • Way to go! Congrats! So far PA is not sending anyone. I’ve got a week to work on that. Even those I know support tell me the date is bad because of conflicting events in our capitol. I’ll try to get appointed myself. If all fails I’ll request access to report the event. Thanks for your feedback.

    • I’m from Knoxville and I am very glad I found this site and especially excited by your comment about going. I’ll be praying.

      • Jo – This morning I spoke with both Senator Long’s office and Kyle in WI Senator Kapenga’s office who is handling the RSVPs.

        Sadly, at this time I won’t be attending. The good news is the venue they booked is completely packed. Over 30 states are represented including Senator Bell and Rep Manthem both from TN!

        I’m on an alternate list in the event someone cancels. At such a historic event I’m not holding out too much hope for me but I’m giddy with excitement for the country.

    • Thank you for your informative post. I pray that you will be able to get the necessary amount of states needed to ratify new amendments at a later date.
      May G-d bless you and every single patriot involved in this crucial effort to restore our national Constitution which has been eviscerated by the Left. It is high time that this out of control federal government and tyrannical Congress and President be “put back in the box” where they belong tethered to the chains of the Constitution (as Thomas Jefferson put it).
      G-dspeed and best of luck to you always.
      Most sincerely,

  7. Thank you for contacting Senator Rocca in regards to his attendance to the Mount Vernon Assembly on December 7.

    Senator Rocca has other commitments in the district that he needs to attend so he will not be attending the assembly next week. I am unsure if anyone from the State of Michigan is attending and I would encourage you to ask other senators or representatives to inquire about their travel plans.

    Thanks again for contacting us and if we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us again!

  8. Excellent…..there is hope for our country! Thanks to the individuals that are standing up for liberty and freedom!

  9. Exactly what amendments would you support? One to reverse Citizens United? One to eliminate the electoral college? One to clarify that the second amendment applies only to state-sponsored militias? Be careful what you wish for, you may end up getting amendments you don’t like!

    • Those who organized the meeting know this and did a very good job to address it. Follow outbound link to “model legislation”. Delegate who strays from instructions of legislature commits a felony.

  10. Sen Long’s office’s comments regarding the resistance by some Tea Partiers rings true — I contacted my PA State Rep (D) (canned response), Senator (R) (no response) and Rep Daryl Metcalfe (D-12), a Tea Partier – His response (11/15/2013):

    “As someone who supports the constitution I am suspicious of those who propose amending it.

    “We do not need to amend it; we just need those who swear to uphold to do so.

    “An amended constitution will only be valid if those who swear to defend it do so.”

    I responded — “… Federalism has all been but removed and those that swear the oath are not upholding it. The constituents’ voices are loud, but falling on DC’s deaf ears; our only recourse is through our State Legislatures.”

  11. I stumbled upon this blog and received a big uplift as I read through the comments. Thank you for the update on Daryl Metcalfe. I attended his last town hall and preceded it with a letter requesting his position on sponsoring an application to congress for a convention of states. His response to me at that time was that conventional wisdom was that a constitutional convention runs the risk of being a runaway convention. I explained the difference between a constitutional convention and a convention of states for the purpose of proposing amendments to the constitution but he was still not receptive to the idea. I also told him that at this point in time, state sovereignty is all but extinct and that if the states are to be relegated role of municipal government for the purpose of implementing federal law, why should the citizens of Pa bear the burden of paying for a state government that does not guarantee their rights under their state constitution? We don’t need you!
    I got interested in this approach two years ago after I read Abel Upshur’s “The True Nature and Character of Our Federal Government” which is a true tutorial on state’s rights. It is available from for $11 if you want a true understanding of the relationship between the states and the federal government.

  12. If not now, when? We The People need to speak loudly and with a clear voice!

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