Before Sending Drones Against Americans Abroad

Much has been said lately critical of killing Americans without the benefit of due process.  While it can be tempting to disregard the rights of those who have turned on their country and/or acted in consort with an enemy, there should be a process, a due process, to clear the way for what may also be regarded as the justified assassination of turncoat citizens plotting against us and posing threats from beyond our borders in places also beyond the possibility of extradition.

One way to do this may be a process to bring charges of Treason in Absentia against those on whom we have sufficient evidence of treasonous activity abroad.  Those so indicted by a Federal grand jury would be given a clear choice.  Either return to United States territory within 30 days and surrender to authorities to then face treason charges here, or immediately be stripped of all rights and citizenship.  Those who then willingly fail to face charges here, having surrendered all rights could, at that time, be put on a kill list and treated as any enemy.

I present this as a solution where an executive order is clearly not sufficient yet hesitation to act on a situation is not either.  Citizens must know there are severe consequences to tying themselves to a foreign enemy abroad, and such actions can and will jeopardize their rights, citizenship, Constitutional protections, and even their life.

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